504 modification Plan

Protect your child's educational rights

What is a 504 modification Plan?

A 504 plan is a legal document falling under the provisions of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

What factors come under consideration for being determined 504 eligible?

It is designed to plan a program of instructional services to assist students with special needs who are in a regular education setting. The special needs are not related to educational issues that are related to learning disabilities.

What is the process to be determined 504 eligible

  • A student will be referred by a teacher, parent, educational advocate, physician or possible therapist.
  • A meeting is arranged by the school staff in which determination is allowed or disallowed.
  • A plan is developed that will grant the student certain accommodations to assist in their educational success based on the disability presented.
  • An annual review date is set to re-examine the 504 Plan and see if any accommodation need to be addressed to better accommodate the student.

What is a major life function according to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

A Major life activities can be walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, caring for one’s self, breathing, and learning.

Who will be required to attend the meeting to begin the process of 504 determination.

The 504 coordinator for the school district, pupil service administrator, support staff, and any other professional who can contribute to the determination process. Parents are not mandated by law to have to attend however it is always wise to attend every meeting regarding your child’s education. The student is not required to attend but may be allowed if that student has reached an age in which it is believed the students participation will be beneficial to the student.

What accommodations might be included in a 504 plan?

Each 504 plan is different and based on individual need. Some educational accommodations are:

  • Addition time to complete assignments.
  • Teachers notes.
  • Special arrangements for test taking such as smaller groups, unlimited time or additional breaks to remove stressors within the test environment.
  • Scribes, or electronic learning technology assistance.
  • Reduced work load.

    What if disagree with some of the accommodations within my child’s 504?

    You can discuss your points at the meeting and try to change the others views on the situation.

    You can refuse to sign the 504 but legally the parents signature is not required to enact the 504 document.

    You can file an complaint with the Federal Office of Civil Rights.

    Once the 504 plan is put in place what are the responsibility of the student?

    The student will be held to the accommodations requirements. Failure to live up to the agreement can result in a change of accommodations in the next annual review.

    What if I think my child is eligible for a 504 Plan, how do I start the process?

    The School systems under the child find law are required to find students who would benefit from the assistance of a 504 Plan. If you are not contacted but still feel your child may benefit first contact the schools guidance department and they will be able to guide you it begin the process.

    How long will the 504 plan be good for.

    Once your child is granted a 504 it always good until a determination meeting is held at which point the student is deemed no longer eligible.

    You may be asked to provide documentation annually to support the disability presented.

    504 plans are also good in college however the amount of accommodations that are available to a college student decreased based on higher academicism levels in order to be pass college requirements.

    What type of illness would allow for my child to obtain a 504 modification plan?

    Such illness as Asthma, chronic sinusitis, limited ability to see, or hear. Short term respite care which may result in home tutoring due to mental illness.

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