Ombudsman’s Office

Advocacy on your behalf may assist in seeking the relief you request.

According to the Department of Children and Families, the Ombudsman’s office is designed to help resolve problems and concerns between the Department of Children and Families and their clients.

Office hours are from 8:45 AM to 5 PM by calling 617-748-2444.

According to the Department of Children and Families web site, The role of the Office of the Ombudsman is to:

  • Respond to inquiries or issues of clients, foster and adoptive parents, advocates, legislators, and other concerned citizens regarding agency programs, policies or service delivery
  • Mediate and resolve these as possible
  • Monitor the content of contacts for patterns indicating systemic problems or weaknesses
  • Compile and utilize this information along with suggested policy or programmatic changes to the Commissioner and other agency staff as appropriate.

Ombudsman’s Office is more of a clearing ground for complaints for the Department of Children and Families. When unknowing clients call this office to address concerns on treatment they or their children have received by the Department. The Ombudsman ‘s Office than contacts the Area Director and informs them of your concerns.

The Area director can use this information in any manner so chosen, usually it is not helpful towards addressing your concerns. You have no recourse towards the Ombudsman Office, if by bringing forth your concerns, your issues with the “department” became less desirable for your family.

Ombudsman can refuse to assist you, if you out right ask them to contact authorities in regards to certain actions in which the Department has undertaken. The Ombudsman’s Office will not interact to seek accountability of behaviors that occur by “Department” employee’s.

Ombudsman’s Office has no statuary requirements to operate in the best interest of the clients it interacts with.

Children First Advocacy and or their employees or sub contractors do not provide legal advice in any situation. Children First Advocacy provides services associated with procedural actions concerning allegations child abuse or neglect and educational issues facing children and families in Massachusetts.