DCF Service Plan

See what they are saying about you, in what format.

DCF Service Plan

This is an example of a service Plan written in 2009.

  • Page 1 Problem statement is what DCF perceives as the reasons you have been supported for neglect or abuse. This paragraph will be carried throughout many documents in your Family-net file.
  • Page 2 Is the change indicators assigned to a child client who is part of the family.
  • Page 3 Is an example of an adult assignment of task and reason for change indicators. This particular service plan was written due to what DCF perceived as physical abuse. No criminal charges were forwarded to any district attorney.
  • Page 4 This page is the same no matter who receives a service plan. DCF workers are never responsible for any task other than what you read in the box. Which basically consist of case management.
  • Page 5 This page should be signed by the social worker, their supervisor, and the clients to whom the plan was written. The majority of service plans are not signed nor are they jointly developed by the Department of Children and Families and those clients receiving services as outline in 110 CMR’s.

After the new name change July, 2008, the “department” change service plan task to now be called actions making the presentation sound less harsh, however, failure to complete all assigned actions can result in a care an protection petition with juvenile court to obtain custody of you child(ren).

DCF determination of abuse and neglect are based on their interpretation and DCF is not held to meet the letter of the law. Therefore DCF can interpret any event they choose as abusive, or neglectful without having to meet the legal criteria for prosecution.

As noted by many who have read this plan, like the majority of service plans written by the Department of Children and Families, no services are delivered to this family. Instead task or actins are assigned for the parents to complete.

DCF does not provided food, housing assistance, clothing or any other of the necessities needed for basic survival.

As DCF workers only are available 9 to 5 pm, many parents are forced to miss work to keep appointments with DCF. In addition task or actions that are mandated by DCF for completion are paid for the majority of the time by the client. Thus placing additional financial drain on the family.

In today’s economy, these task or actions demanded to be completed can result in further hardship for the child(ren) and place additional stressors, within the family until.

Children First Advocacy and or their employees or sub contractors do not provide legal advice in any situation. Children First Advocacy provides services associated with procedural actions concerning allegations child abuse or neglect and educational issues facing children and families in Massachusetts.