DCF Area Based Reviews

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Area Based Reviews

Area based case reviews (ABCR) shall be conduced within six months after a case is opened and every six months thereafter.

The ABCR shall include consideration of the necessity and appropriateness of the service to the family. The goal of the service plan. A review of the past six months activities, including the necessity and appropriateness of the services to the family. A review of the goal of the service plan. A review of the past six months’ activities. The Department of Children and Families fulfillment of the tasks identified in the service plan. The parent’s fulfillment of the tasks assigned in the service plan. The provider’s fulfillment of the task identified in the service plan. Where appropriate the child’s fulfillment of the service plan. The progress made toward resolving the problem identified the assessment or previous case review. Ending with a discussion of the direction of service planning for the nest six months.

The ABCR shall be conducted by the social worker assigned to the case.

The Department of Children and Families must notify the client in a timely manner of the case review prior to the scheduled date. Those who should attend a case review are the parents, mature child if any. The child’s court appointed attorney and/ or guardian ad litem, as appropriate and or service providers if appropriate.

The case worker is responsible to verify periodic lists furnished of all families in case load scheduled for case review. The case worker is required to ensure that the current service plan is available for the case review. Consult with collateral contact or providers, or both on the status of the case. Ensure the family understands the purpose of the case review. Make such changes as are necessary in the service plan by either revising the current plan or writing a new plan.

The Supervisor for the ABCR shall in instance in which the social worker cannot attend the case review either attend the case review or reschedule. The supervisor needs to make assure that a case review takes place at least once every six months while case remains open. Assure that each case review is conducted in a manner consistent with 110 CMR 6:00. Attend the case reviews if necessary and assure that an appropriate service plan is developed.

Any client dissatisfied with the decision of a ABCR may file a grievance under the provision of 110 CMR 10:00.

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