Our Rates

Save yourself thousands by using Children First Advocacy.

Save money by using Children First Advocacy

Lawyers can cost thousands of dollars for something that we can do for a fraction of the cost. Most DCF cases are handled on an administrative level, not a legal level.

Reasonable hourly rate for all services to included:

  • 51A nvestigations/evaluations/interviews/assessments, billed after first hour in 1/2 hour increments.
  • Telephone consultation reasonable hourly rates with a one hour minimum charge, billed after the first hour in 1/2 hour increments. Available immediately with pay on line services.
  • Court testimony is billed on a individual case bases. Flat fees can be arranged.
  • Family assessments and safety plans can be conducted for a one time fee of $250.00 up to two children.
  • Speaking engagements before PTO’s, churches and other organizations are billed at $300.00 for time scheduled not to exceed four hours. Materials available upon request and are charged separately.
  • Private case consultations and client video interviews available to lawyers seeking case information Fee includes filed report and DVD. Court testimony additional.
  • A cash or money order retainer is required before any services can be received. Paypal services are available on site.
  • A sliding pay scale is available for those who qualify.

All services are billed on thirty days due date, no balance will be carried on any outstanding charges for more than ninety days. At the end of ninety days all files will be closed and service discontinued.

No one can foretell or control the action DCF is going to conduct. All advice is base on experience and review of the case contents. At no time do we represent the ability to stop DCF from initiating the removal of a child nor the termination of parental rights.

Children First Advocacy and or their employees or sub contractors do not provide legal advice in any situation. Children First Advocacy provides services associated with procedural actions concerning allegations child abuse or neglect and educational issues facing children and families in Massachusetts.