Court Support

We can help you during specific court proceedings.

In Court Support

The legal system is a very difficult place to navigate when you are unfamiliar with the processes that occurs within the courtroom daily.

The difference between having someone with you during the process in many ways helps to secure a better outcome and alleviates stress associated with being involved in the legal process. Especially when your child is involved you need someone who will explain the process and assist with your interaction in the legal system.

In CHINS proceeding parents are not allowed to be part of the Juvenile Court proceeding unless they have a lawyer. If the child, however ,has a private advocate, that advocate can be called as a witness to testify on the behalf of the child’s and families interest.

Being prepared for the situation at hand in many times results in the parents obtaining the outcome they desired rather than being subjected to the mercy of the legal system.

Children First Advocacy and or their employees or sub contractors do not provide legal advice in any situation. Children First Advocacy provides services associated with procedural actions concerning allegations child abuse or neglect and educational issues facing children and families in Massachusetts.