We are able to assess all sorts of family and school situations.

Family and Individual Assessments:

Family assessments are very useful tools in today’s hectic world. Many times both parents are professionally employed and are usually unaware of issues concerning children’s rights and how it can effect their lives in a moments time.

  • A full assessment includes school, medical and any other type of collateral evidence involved in the children and families lives.
  • Each child is individually assessed, a written report is generated including all available records obtained during the assessment process.
  • Looking at your child’s report card is not good enough in today’s world of MCAS requirements. Having A’s and B’s on your child’s report cards does not equal passing the MCAS test required to graduate in the State of Massachusetts.
  • Each student who takes the MCAS test Sophomore year, to gradate in the year 2010 or later, will have to pass MCAS in Math, Science, ELA, and History proficient to meet the graduation requirement set forth by the state.

Assessments Prior to Separation

In some cases prior to separation a family assessment can give a clear picture of the current status of the children and the family unit. Giving a present day snap shot, limiting the possibility of false accusations which can sometimes surface in custody issues.

  • Dealing with child abuse and or neglect allegations can be very costly in legal fees if associated with probable court matters.
  • Family assessments can be used as tools should accusations of child abuse and neglect occur.
  • Assessments can be updated yearly or bi-yearly to establish a chronically history.
  • Moat families who understand their rights do not get into situations where they are caught off guard and suffered ramifications for the lack of knowledge.

Safe Key Program

Safety plans can be established and as well as establishing a “safe key” program to protect your children while they are not in your presence. Dangerous individuals come in all different occupations, having a process should an incident occur can have life saving consequences.

  • the Safety Key program is designed to give you the ability to control who talks to your children when you are not able to be with them.
  • The Safety key program also comes in handy should an emergency arise and you need a neighbor or friend to pick up your children. Unless the key is known your child will know not to go with this person.
  • The Safety key program can also help students who are in situations with administrators who are asked questions which can result in suspension or expulsion from school systems based on their statements which are taken without representation.
  • The Safety Key program gives families the added insurance that their child(ren) is protected when they are not in line sight or control of their surroundings.
Children First Advocacy and or their employees or sub contractors do not provide legal advice in any situation. Children First Advocacy provides services associated with procedural actions concerning allegations child abuse or neglect and educational issues facing children and families in Massachusetts.