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Children First Advocacy was founded in 2007 as a way for families to protect themselves against DCF’s allegations of child abuse, neglect. Since we have been founded we have expanded our services into the educational advocacy areas to help families with issues such as 504 Modification plans, CHINS filings, and much more.

About Our Founder

Mary T Jean has been working as a independent child advocate for over eight years in the State of Massachusetts representing clients who are subjected to DCF investigations and or educational issues.

  • Ms Jean has represented over 300 families in Central Massachusetts.
  • Ms Jean represented the Piccolo Mondo daycare facility in a Fair Hearing. All “supported” findings were reversed without having the process of a hearing based on documentation filed with DCF.
  • Ms Jean has represented Father (s) who have had 51A’s filed on them because they were placed on the sex offender registry due to a Juvenile plea deal or conviction. Ms Jean has been successful in having their case (s) close and visitation rights continued.
  • Ms Jean has been successful in closing cases for families who have been subjected to false accusations concerning allegations of child abuse involving DCF.
  • Ms Jean has been successful in establishing determination for 504 Modification Plan eligibility to assist students who are in need of accommodations due to a limited life function.
  • Ms Jean has assisted families gain access to school records, file for evaluations and determination meetings within school districts to better allow their children to meet their educational success.
  • Ms Jean has dealt with school districts regarding “bullying” issues endured by some students to gain these students avenges of relief.
  • Ms Jean is versed in education lingo which presets an entire language of its own.
  • Ms Jean is a life long resident of Massachusetts and the mother of two teenage boys.
  • Ms Jean earned as Associate degree from Mount Wachusett Community College in Law Enforcement and a Bachelors degree of Science in the field of Criminal Justice from Westfield State College.
  • Ms Jean has advocated for clients regarding allegations of alleged child abuse or neglect in 51A, 51B investigations, Family assessments, Service plans, Fair Hearing, filing of motions for summary judgment, adoptions and case closings proceedings.
  • Ms Jean has advocated for clients regarding educational issues involving school bulling issues, 504 accommodations plan determinations, securing home based tutoring, educational records, securing safety plan for child in school.
  • Ms Jean has been a private advocate for children and families in cases of divorce, modification of visitation and private court support for juveniles involved in court proceedings.
Children First Advocacy and or their employees or sub contractors do not provide legal advice in any situation. Children First Advocacy provides services associated with procedural actions concerning allegations child abuse or neglect and educational issues facing children and families in Massachusetts.